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  • Yoga for weight loss. The benefits of yoga for weight loss and simple poses that activate the fat burning process.
    16 August 2022
  • What can you eat with diabetes? Nutrition recommendations, allowed foods, menu for the week.
    15 August 2022
  • The essence and principles of the Maggi diet for weight loss. Choice of eggs and cottage cheese. Tables with menus for each day for 2 and 4 weeks. recipe ready. Reviews and results of those who lost weight.
    14 August 2022
  • Mechanism of therapeutic action and dietary characteristics in pancreatic pancreatitis. Indications and contraindications, permitted and prohibited foods, sample menus for the week.
    14 August 2022
  • The stomach is one of the most problematic areas for weight loss. The reason for the formation of fat deposits in this area. How to get rid of belly and side fat with exercise.
    14 August 2022
  • What is a diet for lazy people, its main principles and rules for losing weight. The main advantages of water nutrition, contraindications for compliance. Diet options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
    14 August 2022
  • Express weight loss in 3 days, a week and a month. How to lose weight at home: juice diet, three-day diet, seven-day diet, how to drink whey for weight loss. The principle of a fast diet.
    14 August 2022
  • Understand why the keto diet is not the healthiest way to lose weight. How did the ketogenic diet come about and how did the keto diet work?
    14 August 2022
  • The recipes for the most popular and effective diets for weight loss are kefir, Kremlin, buckwheat, carbohydrate-free, apples. Useful tips for those who are on a diet.
    14 August 2022
  • Is it possible to lose weight in one month? What are some effective ways to lose weight in a short time?
    30 May 2022
  • The kefir diet is a simple and inexpensive diet. Find out how to lose weight fast and cheap 7 popular diet options and 3 recipes to help.
    16 May 2022
  • One of the most effective diets is the so-called "6 petals". Principles and essence of the action of the "6 petals" diet, reviews, menus and recipes for the "6 petals" diet.
    12 May 2022
  • The right diet for gout and high uric acid. What substances cause hyperuricemia? What foods are allowed to be consumed and which ones are prohibited? Sample menu for disease.
    18 March 2022
  • Worried about being overweight? Learn how to start the weight loss process the right way - 3 steps to physical perfection.
    18 March 2022
  • Many people think that losing weight fast in a week is unrealistic. This is not true. Losing 5-7 kg is quite possible. How to do this with a properly balanced diet, a variety of diets and exercise - later in the article.
    22 February 2022
  • The watermelon diet is a simple, fast and effective way to lose extra pounds. Find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of this power system.
    16 January 2022
  • Features and rules of nutrition for acute and chronic pancreatitis, approximate menu for the day.
    10 December 2021
  • Effective drinking diet for weight loss. Menu for 3, 5, 7, 9, 14 and 21 days. Dr Nazardan diet, protein, water, clear and other options.
    16 August 2021
  • A detailed diet for gastritis, as well as a menu for a week with recipes (photo). Basic rules and principles of nutrition. Is it possible to completely get rid of gastritis?
    25 July 2021
  • Japanese food. Why this diet is called Japanese is difficult to say - half of the recommended foods to eat are exotic foods for the Japanese.
    13 June 2021
  • Why eat healthy foods and how long do these eating habits last? How to start eating right and what habits can help in the weight loss process? Useful tips for proper nutrition for weight loss.
    23 May 2021
  • Protein diets are very popular these days, and many have been inspired by examples of movie stars and politicians who managed to lose excess weight thanks to these diets.
    11 May 2021
  • How to lose weight in a week? Diet for fast weight loss in one week. Effective diet recipes for weight loss. Popular diets for fast and effective weight loss.
    25 March 2021
  • How the Favorite diet works and how many pounds you can lose. Detailed menus for 5, 7, 14 days and a month with alternating drinking, vegetable, fruit and protein days. Rules for abandoning the Favorite diet and consolidating the results.
    25 March 2021
  • Buckwheat diet for weight loss, what is a diet, dietary rules, basics of buckwheat diet, allowed drinks, type of diet, diet menu, advantages and disadvantages, how to maintain the results of the diet, how to get out of the diet.
    14 January 2021
  • A set of sports exercises for weight loss at home for all muscle groups: frequency of classes for achieving the result, necessary equipment, preparation of a training program.
    24 November 2020
  • Is Ketosis Safe? Do's and don'ts on the keto diet. Side effects.
    16 August 2020
  • If you are looking for ways on how to lose weight in 3 days, then it is one of the best options in weight, without a diet or pills.
    15 July 2020
  • The most effective diet for rapid weight loss: a selection of the best of the systems and methods of the description of the rules, the benefits, potential problems, and in those with contra-indications.
    15 July 2020
  • Exercises for the sides of the belly, and the modeled profile. The basic principles of exercise to lose weight in the belly and on the sides. A warm-up exercise for the sides of the abdomen. Effective exercises for the sides of the home.
    15 July 2020
  • The Dukan diet plan is a well-known worldwide and are many people who have used it know how it is to be effective. Diet menu, it implies a deliberate, and gradual change of heart, losing a lot of weight on the concept of power, which is the norm in the future.
    7 March 2020
  • For powerful weight-loss, there are a lot of different options, effective diets, specially designed exercise and even surgical procedures.
    2 March 2020